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My album

I never planned on recording an instrumental album, even less so an album containing over 3 hours of music. One thing is sure, however, I love to sit at the piano and be inspired. For me, playing the piano is a way of expressing myself that is easier and more intuitive than speaking.

While I was living through a difficult period in my life I decided to get up every morning before the sunrise and spend time alone playing the piano. I did this every day for several weeks. These moments refreshed me and filled me with peace. These special times helped me to face the difficult days that were before me.

I recorded these intimate moments.


This album is made up of a compilation of these improvised melodies, for you dear listener. These melodies are gentle, calming, relaxing and inspirational.


I offer you 4 tracks of varying lengths: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. In this way, you can take a break for however long you wish in the midst of a daily life that is sometimes stressful and busy. I encourage you to take a moment to relax… rest… meditate… pray… or even fall asleep with the sweet and melodious sound of the piano.


(The album is offered in the format mp3 on this site but is available in the format wav upon request.)

Mixing and mastering: Luis Utrilla

(One Studio Records)

Cover design: Honorine Guillaume

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